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Etherparty FUEL now on Alluma

Matthew Osofisan
Matthew Osofisan

Director, Product Marketing at Alluma


We’re excited to share Etherparty's FUEL token will be available for trading as another base coin on our crypto trading platform, which means that besides BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP and TrueUSD now FUEL can also be used to purchase any of the listed coins on Alluma Exchange.

What is Etherparty?

Etherparty is a user-friendly platform that removes the complexity and enables users with zero knowledge of smart contract programming to create, run, and manage digital agreements for all types of transactions.

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What is the FUEL Token?

Etherparty is powered by FUEL tokens. FUEL is a transferable ERC-20 compliant digital token deployed on the Ethereum network. FUEL tokens provide a simple solution to pay for any Etherparty product. Etherparty handles gas and transaction fees related to purchasing cryptocurrency products and transactions to our smart contracts.

FUEL is essential to access and conduct tasks such as managing the contract library, security testing, the network fees, and monitoring of all parts of the entire smart contract process.

It is a transferable ERC-20 digital token deployed on the Ethereum network to validate the user’s interactions with Etherparty. Once deployed, it allows users to buy, execute, or barter for other smart contracts on the platform.

FUEL aims to serve as an access for smart contracts on multiple blockchains and integrating them into one unified view within the Etherparty ecosystem.

The total supply of FUEL tokens will be one billion and the smallest unit of FUEL is one wei.


Key features of FUEL

  1. Vanbex Group (Etherparty) is a member of EEA(Enterprise Ethereum Alliance).
  2. Etherparty and Rootstock (RSK), the first open source smart contract platform which is powered by the Bitcoin network,
  3. Etherparty is a P2P and Enterprise platform that will enable anyone (with zero knowledge) to write smart contracts across multiple blockchains. It’s more like creating websites with Wix
  4. They have use cases in manufacturing, financial service, legal services to name a few.

The FUEL Wallet

The Etherparty Wallet is a platform wallet which is designed to store FUEL tokens for use on the Etherparty platform. The tokens to be used on the Etherparty platform first need to be transferred into the Etherparty wallet.

Tokens can be transferred from any ERC-20 compliant wallet such as MyEtherWallet, Trezor, MetaMask, Mist etc. but not directly from exchanges.


FUEL is now listed on Alluma Exchange. Take advantage of one of the lowest buying/selling fee (0.10%). Go, go!

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