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Alluma, The Emerging Markets Exchange

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Jonathan Lavercombe

Jonathan Lavercombe

Chief Marketing Officer at Alluma

Recent Posts:

Philippines Is Shaping Up To Be "Asia's Next Sandbox" For Blockchain, ConsenSys Exec Says

The blockchain market in the Philippines has been thriving, with the nation's government being highl...
Jonathan Lavercombe Jul 17, 2018 1:30:00 PM

The Philippines Could be New Zealand’s Next Big Crypto Market

The Philippines has the potential to be the next big crypto market for fintech companies, especially...
Jonathan Lavercombe Jul 12, 2018 5:00:27 PM

Bermuda Welcomes Crypto With New ICO Bill

In Bermuda, the national government has just passed its new Digital Asset Business Act and an ICO Bi...
Jonathan Lavercombe Jul 10, 2018 1:07:42 PM

Three Reasons Cryptocurrency Is Making Its Way into Retirement Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies represent one of the newest, fastest growing and most intriguing asset classes arou...
Jonathan Lavercombe Jul 2, 2018 12:58:58 PM

Bank of England's New Settlement System Will Interface With Blockchain Platforms

On June 21, the Bank of England's Governor Mark Carney announced in a dinner speech at Mansion House...
Jonathan Lavercombe Jun 27, 2018 5:30:00 PM

How Ripple is Solving Consumer Problems | Alluma

It’s important to remember what consumer problem Ripple is trying to solve - that of slow and expens...
Jonathan Lavercombe May 21, 2018 9:11:47 PM

Goldman Sachs & Crypto | Alluma

I wanted to use this opportunity to summarise some important industry news for all of us who are pas...
Jonathan Lavercombe May 17, 2018 6:20:46 PM

Facebook: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain | Alluma

I have followed David Marcus’s move from then successful President of PayPal to VP Messaging at Face...
Jonathan Lavercombe May 11, 2018 5:29:03 PM

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