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Alluma's Approach to Token Listings

Ashish Varma
Ashish Varma

Director, Global Head Of Trading Operations

At Alluma, we’re committed to drive innovation and access to blockchain technologies. We aim to support the world's top tokens while also providing market access to promising new projects in the space. Our goal is to provide our customers with a curated selection of digital tokens, carefully assessed by our governance council.

Our token listing process intends to integrate and execute a comprehensive Know-your-Token (KYT) program to maintain the overall integrity of the exchange marketplace. We plan to conduct a two-phase due diligence (KYT) on the token offering, prior to listing a new token. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

1. Initial Review:

A cursory review of the most important components of the project, initial review involves aspects related to background checks on the team & advisors, a review of the project description, token use case, token economics, and the projects KYC/AML approach. When a project passes this initial review stage, we’ll will notify the project team regarding the selection of their token for the next step; a comprehensive due diligence token review by Alluma’s Token Governance Council.

2. Listing Review by Token Governance Council:

Our Token Governance Council will conduct an end-to-end detailed review of the token. Having gone through the extensive documentation across all dimensions of the project, our listing committee (that comprises of independent blockchain & regulatory experts and internal executives) will ultimately determine if the token meets the Alluma’s listing criteria. Only after our listing committee’s judgement will the token be listed on our exchange.

Alluma’s Governance Council’s Structure

 Alluma’s Governance Council’s Structure

Interested in listing your token on Alluma? We’re now accepting applications and would be happy to review your project.



Have some questions? Feel free to reach out to our listing team at tokenlisting@alluma.io

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