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Alluma Meetup Recap: Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru

Abhimanyu Kashyap
Abhimanyu Kashyap

Community Growth Manager

We are happy to announce the successful completion of the first phase of Alluma Blockchain & Crypto meetups in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The Meetups were focused on thought leadership sessions given by key industry proponents to guide and educate the audience on the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and shared key industry trends and insights. I surely believe that these high-level meetups are the best place to learn and network with people in the same industry having similar interests and passion.

Mumbai and Bengaluru saw keen enthusiasts joining in to attend the event even though it was declared a high tide warning in Mumbai and irrespective that there was a FIFA finale on Sunday. It is overwhelming to see that the true believers in technology are ready to forego small pleasures and want to give in extra effort just to follow their passion towards blockchain.


Mumbai event kicked off at Innov8, Vikhroli with brief introduction from the attendees. It was great to see Chartered Accountants, Assessing Officers from Revenue Department, Entrepreneurs, Social Activist, Programmers and writers from within and outside the industry to attend and share a common interest towards cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

It is certain that all of them were eager to understand the blockchain technology and more so the regulatory aspect in the country around usage of crypto especially trading on Indian exchange with fiat pairs. It was a pleasure hosting such key industry leaders namely Akash Aggarwal(Co-Founder & CEO, Alluma), Pavel Bains(CEO, Bluzelle), Aman Sanduja(Co-Founder, Towards Blockchain) & Shiv Gupta(Founder, Crypto Conversation) who shared plethora of knowledge on commercial, regulatory and technological side of digital currencies and blockchain technology across India and global markets.


Bengaluru meetup was organised at Innov8, Koramangala which was in the heart of the city. The event started with attendees and speakers interacting enthusiastically about not just blockchain but also about the fifa world cup match later over coffee. It was personally really overwhelming to see people coming from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh coming to attend the meetup in Bengaluru. I extend my thanks to the speakers who came together from different parts of the globe for this noble cause to educate and bond with the community, specially at the time when they needed the most.



Special thanks to Akash Aggarwal, Pavel Bains, Sunil Aggarwal (Author of Bitcoin Magnet) and Harish Subramanium (Director, Great Learning) for giving such inspirational talks to enlighten the audience which will surely help them to approach the current market scenario with a bolder and positive mindset.

Overall the meetup series starting from New Delhi to Mumbai to Bengaluru was a great drive, meeting such inspiring and innovative minds working on great projects in the industry, trying to bring the adoption of the technology to the mainstream audience with real world applications.

We would love to thank our strategic partners for the events:

  • Spazer, for being our check-in partners by which we could seamlessly manage our attendees
  • Innerchef, for being our Food partners & providing us with organic food & cold beverages
  • To our outreach partners Crypto Conversation, Eat My News, KryptoMoney.  
  • Most of all, to Innov8 who helped us as our location and events partner.

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